Zwennis Containers – Full Service!

In the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam, Europe’s leading container port, ¬†Zwennis Containers offers both large and small customers the best possible service in every facet of the container logistic process.

Zwennis Containers is specialized in container storage, container repairs and supplementary maintenance services. Because of our unique partnerships with the leading container depots in the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp we are very flexible in where containers can be stored and repaired. The process of storage, repair and dispatch is handled and supervised by our team of professionals with many years of experience.

Dedicated to our customers

At Zwennis Containers we understand the specific needs of our customers. This is one of the reasons why some of the leading container rental companies have selected us as their preferred supplier. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and consider this a key factor to our success in this very competitive business.

We want to earn your trust

The key component in doing business successfuly is mutual trust, which in all cases has to be earned. We would like to welcome you and at first hand experience how we do business.